2021-2022 COVID-19 Dashboard

At the Ephrata Area School District, we are hoping to provide in-person instruction for as long as possible.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recommends schools consider a shift to online learning for all students when a specified number of COVID+ cases is reached based on a Rolling 14-Day Count. For the 2021-2022 school year, the numbers that would prompt a school to be considered for a closure of up to 14 days is based on a five (5) percent calculation of the number of individuals (students and staff) who attend that building each day. If a building reaches a three (3) percent level within the 14-Day Rolling Count, the building will temporarily have a temporary mask requirement for a 2-3 week period or until cases drop below the three (3) percent count.

Rolling Count as of 3:10 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2022*

Building Rolling 14-Day Period 3 percent 5 percent Current number of cases
in the 14-Day Count
Current number of cases
in the 7-Day Count
Ephrata High School May 12 – May 25 44 73 9 3
Ephrata Middle School May 12 – May 25 23 39 2 2
Ephrata Intermediate School May 12 – May 25 20 32 2 1
Akron Elementary School May 12 – May 25 10 16 0 0
Clay Elementary School May 12 – May 25 14 23 2 2
Fulton Elementary School May 12 – May 25 11 18 5 3
Highland Elementary School May 12 – May 25 16 26 1 1

*Information in the Rolling 14-Day Count will be updated each school day by 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Information from a weekend or break will be updated by 9:00 AM on the first day back in school.

  • We will continue to monitor all COVID-related situations and consult with the Department of Health as needed.
  • We continue to follow our Health and Safety Plan, rigorously clean and disinfect all schools and buses, and adhere to the steps outlined when a COVID+ situation arises.
  • Please continue to use the COVIDReport@easdpa.org email account to inform the District of any situation where a student is tested or gets a positive result of a test for COVID-19.
  • If your child takes a COVID test for any reason, we require the child to stay out of school until the test results are returned or a doctor provides a note to clear the child to return to school.
  • Please continue to screen your child for COVID symptoms before sending him or her to school.
  • Districtwide COVID-related communication and resources can be found on the HERE, and parents/guardians are always welcome to contact our building principals or school nurses with any questions.