Annual Corny Days Experience

Students in Grade 6 visit the Ephrata Area School District farm every year for the annual Corny Day field trip.

Community volunteers are stationed throughout the farm grounds with interactive activities to engage students.  What are bio-plastics? What is moisture content and how does it affect harvesting? What everyday products contain corn? These and many other questions were answered as the students visited several stations. Students calculated the yield of the crop based upon the data they collected, learned what role the parts of the corn plant play in the development of the plant, and discussed the many places corn is found in everyday life, from food to toothpaste to some types of medicine.

“The experience is always fun and educational.  Chances are that these students won’t pass by a corn field without remembering some of the important and surprising ways this plant serves us,” said Mr. Josh Haupt, District Science Supervisor and Ephrata Middle School teacher.

The Ephrata Area Education Foundation provides the annual funding for the annual event.