Sports Schedule Directions

Below you will find directions to access and use ArbiterLIVE.
ArbiterLIVE hosts a full list of upcoming sports schedules for your favorite Ephrata sports teams.

  • To access team schedules on ArbiterLIVE: 
    click Athletic schedule (link below) Click the team you want to view the schedule of (Ex. Football, Boys Varsity , Soccer, Girls JV etc.JH Varsity = 7,8,9 and JH JV = 7,8)

  • To follow your team on ArbiterLIVE:
    on the schedule page banner:  Click on “Follow Team”
    You will need to create an account in order to follow teams.
    This action will alert you to any changes made with the team schedule

  • To access sports calendar on ArbiterLIVE:
    click Athletic schedule.  On black bar click Calendar, You can choose Month/week/day view. You can also choose from summary view (only gives you number of games scheduled on a day) or detail view (lists all sporting events on a  single day)

Click here to enter Arbiterlive