EHS Job & Internship Fair – February 20

Ephrata High School (EHS) and the Ephrata Development Organization (EDO) have partnered for the third year in a row to offer a Job Fair for EHS students on Wednesday, February 20 from 7:40 to 8:40 AM in the Ephrata High School gymnasium.

Over 250 students in grade 11 will have the opportunity to meet representatives from area businesses who are interested in providing employment, internship, and/or volunteer opportunities for EHS students.  “We’re happy to partner with the EDO to host this annual event.   It is our hope this event will benefit our students not only with after-school or summertime employment, but by providing an opportunity to enhance students’ skills for their careers after high school,” said Kerri Batdorf, EHS counselor.

New this year, the event will include internship opportunities for students to earn course credit.  “We want the internship program to continue to grow at EHS,” said Jeremy King, EHS teacher and program advisor.   The objective of the internship program is to give students real-world opportunities and workforce experience while earning course credit.   “We see time and again students able to identify their talents, strengths, and areas of growth through internships that ultimately help inspire them to reach their full potential, Mr. King continued.

Additionally, many students enjoy being involved in the community and have volunteer obligations to fulfill.  Businesses and organizations who have volunteer opportunities are also encouraged to participate.

“Our event is aimed at assisting high school students by exposing them to a variety of opportunities in the area. This event not only prepares students for the future, but it also creates a stronger community by developing our local youth and helping local businesses find the help they need,” said event organizer, Becky Rowe.

There is no cost for businesses and organizations to participate.      Sign up at Questions?  Contact Rebecca Gallagher at or 717-733-6094.

Cannot participate in the event?  Contact Mrs. Gallagher to have your business information included in the event book or Mr. King at or 717.721.1498 X 19207 for ongoing internship opportunities.

EHS Preschool Openings

Jungle Juniors Ephrata High School Preschool Program

  • Who?
    • Children who are at least 3 years old
    • Live in the Ephrata Area School District
    • Children that ARE potty trained
  • Where?
    • Ephrata High School preschool room
    • 803 Oak Boulevard. Ephrata, Pa 17522.
  • When?
    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
    • From 8:45- 10:25 a.m.
    • Begins middle of October for fall session and again in March for spring session.
  • Program Includes:
    • 1:1 ratio of student teachers to preschoolers
    • Development of fine and gross motor skills
    • Fostering of social skills
    • Self-discovery
  • How to Register:

Our curriculum eases children into the wonderful world of learning through play and other fun activities organized by the student teachers.

We are more than excited to watch your children grow during the six months we spend with them.

MakerBus Project Progresses

District Embarks on MakerBus Project with Support from Education Foundation

 What is the Maker Movement?  Sweeping schools and educational institutions nationwide, the Maker Movement inspires students to create without limits.

After the implementation of a student-designed Maker Space at the Intermediate/Middle School two years ago and elementary STEAM carts last school year, Ephrata Area School District officials are ready to take the Maker concept on the move with the creation of an elementary MakerBus.

“We value learning opportunities for our youngest learners to work with their hands and experience trades at an early age.  The MakerBus is the next step in providing these types of opportunities,” said Dr. Brian Troop, District Superintendent.

“When students have success working with their hands or ‘making,’ we believe they are more likely to see themselves in a trade later in life,” he continued.

Once completed, the MakerBus will travel to each of the four District elementary schools for students to experience hands-on, project-based learning.  The MakerBus will offer students learning opportunities beyond the classroom and inspire students to create and work collaboratively.

“We also realize not everything can be measured on a test.  Programs, materials, and learning opportunities –  like a MakerBus – are a direct reflection of our Life Ready Graduate profile that aims to prepare students and measure success beyond traditional markers,” concluded Dr. Troop.

Plans are currently underway to begin the complete transformation – interior and exterior – of a traditional school bus into a MakerBus.  EHS students are working alongside District teachers and staff to repurpose a donated school bus to include a variety of hardware, technology, craft supplies, and an exterior vehicle “wrap.”

Additionally, Astro Machine Works Inc. is a project partner and will be working with students and staff through each phase of the project to offer support with the planning, design, and construction.  Not only will EHS students’ ideas guide the plans for the MakerBus, working directly with professionals from Astro will give students an authentic learning experience outside of the classroom.

The MakerBus project, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2019.  Funding for the project is being provided by the Ephrata Area Education Foundation.  To learn more about the Foundation and the programs they support, visit, call 717-721-1598, or e-mail

Shadow A Student Challenge

Ephrata Area School District Leaders Shadow Students

How does it feel to be a student for a day?  After participating in the nationwide School Retool Shadow A Student Challenge for the fourth year in a row, Ephrata Area School District administrators are able to speak from their own experiences to answer this question.  District and building leaders will shadow students in secondary schools on Tuesday, February 19 and elementary schools on Wednesday, February 20 to experience a school day as a student first-hand and gain a new perspective on learning.

District administrators are encouraged to participate with empathy and an open mind to feel what it is like to truly adopt a student’s point of view.  “As part of the District theme to embody a growth mindset and a desire for continued improvement, administrators are trying to fully immerse themselves in student life for a day with the goal to better understand the students we serve,” said District Superintendent Dr. Brian Troop.

Administrators have been asked to keep a variety of questions in mind while shadowing students, including:

  • How does it feel to be a student for a day?
  • What is your student’s favorite moment of the day, and what makes it special?
  • What do you notice makes your student feel uncomfortable, anxious, or bored? Why?
  • When is your student engaged in learning?
  • As you go through your day, what opportunities do you notice for use of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and effective communication skills?

Following the events, administrators will reflect on their insights to compare students’ experiences with the learning and skills necessary for success through their academic careers.

Elementary STEAM Bowl

Eight teams of students in grades three and four participated in the annual District Elementary STEAM Bowl, on Thursday, January 17.  Prior to the event, over 650 third and fourth grade students answered preliminary STEAM-related questions to determine who would represent their elementary schools on each STEAM Bowl team.

The teams each participated in a half-day competition, where Clay Elementary School finished as the top fourth grade team and Highland Elementary School was named the top third grade team.  Both teams will represent the District in the annual IU13 STEM Bowl.

EIMS Geography Bee Winners

Students at Ephrata Intermediate and Middle Schools recently participated in the annual school Geography Bees.

  • The Ephrata Intermediate School winner was sixth grader Kimo Washington, and the runner-up was sixth grader Hayden Cline.
  • The Ephrata Middle School winner was eighth grader Jacob Huntington, and the runner-up was seventh grader Christopher Timasonravichkit.

As top finishers, the students will now take a written exam and attempt to qualify for the state competition held at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.

The school and state competitions are stepping stones to ultimately qualifying for the National Geographic Bee. National competitors are granted an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in the national championship in May 2019. The national champion will receive a

$50,000 college scholarship; a lifetime membership in the Society, including a subscription to National Geographic magazine; and a National Geographic Expeditions trip to a national park in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. The national finals will be televised on the National Geographic Channel and PBS stations.

Student Artwork for Keystone Villa Residents

Ephrata High School students, who are members of the National Arts Honor Society (NAHS), recently completed a two-month art project that involved residents at Keystone Villa.

In October, students paired up with Keystone Villa residents to learn more about them and their fondest memories.  Students prepared interview questions in advance to use if needed and enjoyed a half-hour conversation with the residents.  The information gained from this meeting would inspire students to create artwork specifically for the residents.  Following the initial visit, students then met as a group to discuss ways to depict the seniors’ stories and memories.

Students were given two months to create their works of art.  “Each student has artistic strengths or media in which he or she specializes.  It was up to the students to select an artistic media to create artwork that would surprise the residents,” explained Whitney Yeo, Ephrata High School art teacher and NAHS advisor.  Some students continued to keep in touch with their new friends at Keystone Villa while they created their artwork, and many sent cards over their holiday break.

The group traveled back to Keystone Villa on January 8 to present the artwork to the residents.  The students discussed why and how they made the pieces.  There was a wide variety of artwork, each unique and personalized to the residents.

  • A few students created landscapes inspired by stories of memorable travels.
  • Some students traveled to obtain photographs of shorelines or a favorite animal.
  • One student was moved by a treasured keepsake. The resident she met wears a necklace with a fingerprint of her deceased husband.  She shared that the necklace “has become so precious now that he has passed away.”  The student’s artwork featured a fingerprint painting in his memory.

“Overall, it was a diverse body of work, and each student left feeling incredibly proud of how well the work was received and the level of gratification the residents expressed,” said Mrs. Yeo.  She expects many students will continue to keep in touch and noted that two students are applying to work at Keystone Villa because of the experience.