Family Groups

Ephrata Area School District elementary schools have formed Family Groups comprised of at least one staff member and a group of students across multiple grade levels. The groups meet on a regular basis to discuss the meanings of different dispositions, including adaptability, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and much more. “The groups are structured in a way that students will stay with the same family group during their entire elementary experience. This promotes cross grade-level friendships, closer connections to adults in the building, and a sense of belonging for all students,” explained Clay Elementary School Principal Mr. Chris Montagna. Sheri Horner, Akron Elementary School Principal, is witnessing many positive outcomes as a result of this initiative. “School Families have provided an opportunity for older students to assume a leadership role and help mentor younger students. We’ve also seen staff mentorship increase as they get to know more students outside of the grade levels they teach. Lastly, it is helping us reach our vision of creating and supporting a school community where everyone values a strong character and a passion for lifelong learning,” said Mrs. Horner.