Mission, Vision & Belief Statements

Mission Statement

In order to accomplish our vision, it is the mission of the Ephrata Area School District to provide all students a secure learning environment and exemplary academic programs that inspire all students to reach their full potential.

Vision Statement

Achieving Success One Student at a Time

Belief Statements

We believe…

  • all students can learn.
  • our students are always at the center of our thoughts and actions.
  • literacy and math are key components of learning in all curricular areas.
  • education is the shared responsibility of student, family, school, and community.
  • data from many sources provide vital information for decision-making.
  • a highly qualified and dedicated staff is essential to the learning process.
  • facilities should be designed and maintained to support teaching and learning.
  • consistent use of research-based instructional practices increases student achievement.
  • in the on-going development of a professional learning community.
  • technology is an integral part of the organization, communication, teaching, and learning.