Updated EIS Instructional Modes

*Effective Tuesday, October 13

There is no change to the weekly schedule:  Instruction in both the Modified Traditional and the Online Learning modes will occur Monday-Friday, five days a week.


Online Learning

  • Students will remain connected to their current classroom.
  • Online students will still receive content instruction (Social Studies/Science) from their current teachers.  
  • Online students will have a daily lesson in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math with a teacher specifically assigned to manage online instruction.  These lessons will occur with other online students.
  • Online students will continue to have their Related Arts classes as they do currently. 


Modified Traditional (fulltime in the school building)

  • For most students in Modified Traditional, there will be little, if any, change. 
  • Students will still experience interacting with online students during Social Studies and Science.  



  • Because of the new structure of classroom, families will no longer be able to choose the Blended option. 
  • School staff will reach out to families to talk about choosing the Modified Traditional or Online Learning mode full time. 


PLEASE NOTE:  This change will not apply to sixth-grade students in the classes of Mrs. Rudy, Miss Kopp, and Mr. Hooper, as their unique circumstances make possible a focus solely on students’ specific subject areas.