Ephrata AM 11-4-21

Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Thursday November 4, 2021. Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.


The school counseling office is holding a contest to look for artwork to feature on the cover of the 2022-2023 Course Selection Guide book.  If you are interested, please download a copy of the information sheet that has been posted to your Schoology newsfeed.  The submission deadline is November 19th, so don’t delay.
Seniors, it’s time to complete your senior quote that will be below your photo in the yearbook. The link and details are in the Schoology class of 2022 group post. The deadline is Nov 16 at noon.
Now over to __________ with the news
Now over to the thought of the day.
Science NHS will be accepting applications until TOMORROW November 5th. See Mr. Kellogg in room 107 or Mr Ewing in room 111 to acquire or submit an application. You may also use the QR code to get an application.



The Powder Puff Game is now November 17th located at the war memorial field starting at 7pm

The cost to enter is free. BUT donations will graciously be accepted to go towards this year’s Christmas Charity!

See you there!

Now back to the main desk
Person 1: Attention Ephrata High School! Students and Teachers alike!

Person 2: Its back and in full effect.
Person 1: That’s right the smash hit game show Tis The Season is BACK!!!!
Person 2: For those who have been living under a sleigh, Tis The Season is a game show in which we raise money for 6 local families during the Holiday Season.
Person 1: There are trophies, Medals, Donut parties, Marzock Merch, and so much more!
Person 2: Taping takes place during school and will begin when we get back from Thanksgiving Break
Person 1: Now, if you said yes to at least one of the above outstandingly awesome items above, talk to your homeroom teacher about participating in this years TIS THE SEASON!!!!!
Person2: Well, what if I don’t have a homeroom?
Person 1: If you don’t have a Homeroom, NO PROBLEM!!!! Find a teacher, an administrator, a guidance counselor, a crossing guard, you name it, and sign up right now with them instead! As long as that teacher doesn’t have a homeroom OR that teacher’s homeroom doesn’t want to play, they’re fair game people!!!
Person 2: Really?  So, if I wanted to I could sign up and represent as my AP German Class?  Or maybe my Drawing class and represent in the game show that way?
Person 1:  You bet!!!! All it takes is three EHS students, and one teacher to represent your homeroom or class period. Just remember, a minimum of $40 is required to enter the show with every dollar going towards the Christmas Charity. The more money you raise, the more opportunities, prizes, medals, trophies, and possibilities at Marzock Merch await in your future!!!
Person 2:  Geez, I better get down to Mr. Marzock’s room 137 STAT so I can sign my team up ASAP.
Person 1: Spots are limited so I would hurry. Teachers and Students, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to stop down to see Mr. Marzock before its too late.

Have a great day Ephrata!