Athletic Spectator Information

September 25, 2020

The following represents what we consider to be a common-sense approach to the need for health and safety measures to be in place, while recognizing the valuable learning experience that our extra-curricular competitions represent for our student-athletes. Additionally, providing the opportunity for parents to support our students as they compete and perform will continue to strengthen connections among student, family, District, and community. The gathering recommendations from the PA Department of Education that districts are encouraged to follow have been considered in context with our ability to maintain 6 feet of social distance and manage multiple groups at each event.

In all settings described below, attention has been paid to the needs of the sport, socially distanced capacity of event location, and the individual context of the specific competition. Face coverings and social distance will be enforced in all settings in accordance with existing state recommendations.

Football Games (2 groups)

  • On-Field Group: Student-athletes, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, band, and staff involved in the on-field activities would be one group – never more than 250 in the group at a time.
  • Home Parents/Family Group of student athletes (Football and Cheer) and Band would be another group with not more than 400 in the group. This number is based on the total number of individuals the facility can hold and still offer 6 feet of social distance. Distribution of tickets to parents and family members will be handled by the Athletic Director and Head Coach/ Director for each group. Each pair of parent tickets is good for siblings of the student-athlete or band member and any other relative living in the same household. Each household is asked to sit together at the event according to the marked areas in the stands.

Volleyball Games (2 groups)

  • On-Court Group: Student-athletes, coaches, officials, and anyone else responsible for managing the competition would be one group – never more than 35 in the group at a time.
  • Home Parents Group would be another group, never more than 25 in the group at a time. Distribution of tickets to parents will be handled by the Athletic Director and Head Coach for each group.
  • At the conclusion of the JV game, all non-Varsity parents need to vacate the gym to allow for Varsity parents to enter. JV players stay and watch the Varsity game from the home stands.

Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, and Field Hockey Games (2 groups each)

  • On-Field/Pitch Group will include student-athletes, coaches, officials, and anyone else responsible for managing the competition.
  • Home and Away Parents Group will be another group. Distribution of tickets to parents will be handled by the Athletic Director and Head Coach for each group. A number of non-ticketed guests will be permitted based on the remaining capacity of the 250-limit after parent tickets are distributed.

Cross Country Meets (1 group)

  • There is no need for spectator management limits for this sport due to the spread-out nature of the event space. The only exception is the League Championships at Ephrata (October 20-21) during which special directions will be given to competitors, coaches, and parents in compliance with the existing size limits at that time.

Everyone attending athletic events, including coaches, officials, athletes on the sidelines, school staff, and spectators age 2 and older, must wear a face covering (mask or face shield), unless the event is outdoors and a social distance of at least six feet can be maintained.  However, attendance at all events is subject to appropriate behavior and adherence to the District Health and Safety Plan. Anyone who refuses to adhere to the guidelines will be asked to leave. 

Lancaster and Lebanon County athletic directors are working to ensure that livestreams of sporting events will be available for as many fall sporting events as possible. Additionally, Blue Ridge 11 will be broadcasting a variety of sporting events within their coverage area. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Other school districts may have different rules in place. Please be sure you understand those rules if you choose to be a spectator at an away event when permitted.

Finally, we are aware of potential legislation that could change some of these parameters for fall sports.  If the rules changes, we will continue to work diligently and adjust procedures to reflect current requirements. 

Thank you for your support of our student athletes!