Updated Kindergarten – Grade 4 Instructional Modes

*Effective Tuesday, October 13

There is no change to the weekly schedule:  Instruction in both the Modified Traditional and the Online Learning modes will occur Monday-Friday, five days a week.


Online Learning

  • Online students will remain connected to their current classroom.
  • Online students will continue to participate in the morning meeting with their regular classroom.
  • Online students will continue to receive content area instruction (Social Studies/Science) from their current homeroom teacher. This will be primarily asynchronous but could involve synchronous instruction as scheduling allows.
  • Online students will have a daily lesson in English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math with a teacher specifically assigned to manage online instruction. These lessons will occur with other online students.
  • ELA and Math lessons will be scheduled at a more consistent time because they will no longer be tied to the physical classroom schedule.
  • Online students will continue to have their Related Arts classes asynchronously through SeeSaw (Kindergarten to Grade 2) or Schoology (Grades 3 to 4).


Modified Traditional (full-time in the school building)

  • For most students in the Modified Traditional mode, there will be little change.
  • Students will still experience interacting with online students during morning meetings and occasionally through content areas and special events.
  • As a few classroom teachers are being reassigned to online instruction, a small number of students in the Modified Traditional mode will be required to change classrooms. If your child is one of those individuals, school personnel will reach out to talk about that adjustment.
  • If your child is required to quarantine for a period of time due to COVID exposure or illness, he or she will remain with his or her regular classroom teacher during that time.



  • Because of the new structure of classrooms, families will no longer be able to choose the Blended option.
  • School staff is reaching out to families to talk about moving into the Modified Traditional or Online Learning mode full time.