Coding Contest

EASD Coding Contest 2020 Final Update

Building Level Contests Summary

This year, approximately 400 EASD students in Kindergarten through grades 8 participated in the 2020 Coding Contest. We were able to hold all building level contests before the school closure.  Congratulations to everyone who participated. There was outstanding work completed by all teams that entered!  Thank you for participating and working hard with your teammates to complete your projects.

Main Event Cancelled

The school closure disrupted the plans for The Main Event that was scheduled for March 26. We are looking forward to next year.

Winners and Top Teams

There were three top teams picked from each grade level group at each elementary building as well a six top teams from EIS and EMS. Click here to see a list of the top teams from each school.


Each student on a top coding contest team has already received a Mountaineer recognition letter from our Superintendent Dr. Troop. When you return to school to pick up your belongings and drop off your iPads or laptop for the summer, you will get a prize! It will be a STEAM Project Crate from KiwiCo, a box with all of the materials, supplies and instructions for a STEAM project. It will be a fun activity to keep your mind sharp and practice some critical thinking and problems solving skills over the summer. We hope you enjoy them!

Have a safe summer and happy coding!

Nicholas Crowther

Computer Science/STEAM & Technology Education

Department Supervisor & Teacher