School Board

2019 Ephrata Area Board of School Directors

2019-2020 Board Calendar (PDF)
November 4, 2019 School Board Committee Meeting Agendas (PDF)
School Board Meeting Minutes
School Board Policies
School Board Publications

Position Name Email Address Term
President Mr. Timothy W. Stayer 2021
Vice President Mr. Chris Weber 2019
Member Mrs. Judy S. Beiler 2019
Member Mr. Philip L. Eby 2021
Member Mr. Richard Gehman 2019
Member Mr. Ted Kachel 2019
Member Mr. Glenn R. Martin 2021
Member Mr. Tim Stauffer 2019
Member Mr. David A. Wissler 2021
Non-Voting Member Dr. Brian Troop  


School Board Support Positions

Position Name Email Address
Secretary Mrs. Stephanie Gingrich 
Mrs. Kristee Reichard
Student Representative
Chandler Eby 2019-2020  
Solicitor Jeff Litts
Auditor Linda S. Himeback


Standing Committees

Committee Chair Members
Budget & Finance / Property Tim Stayer Glenn Martin and Chris Weber
Personnel Judy Beiler Ted Kachel and David Wissler
Policy / Curriculum
Ted Kachel Judy Beiler and David Wissler
Public Affairs & Planning
Tim Stauffer Phil Eby and Rick Gehman
Board / Superintendent Evaluation Judy Beiler Tim Stayer and Chris Weber
Governance Tim Stayer Rick Gehman and Chris Weber