From Our Principal

Welcome to Akron Elementary!

Akron is one of the four elementary schools in the Ephrata Area School District! The Akron Elementary School is located in the quaint community of Akron near Ephrata in Lancaster County. After the existence of the West Akron School, in the late 1800’s, the Akron Public School on 7th Street was acquired. In the academic year of 1953-54, this current school on Eleventh Street was built to house Kindergarten through grade eight. Renovations and additions were completed in 1963, ’87, ’98, and 2004. Last school year our school cafeteria was updated with a new kitchen and eating area for students.  Our school has approximately 300 students in levels kindergarten through fourth grade. The large original, bronze, and copper bell dated 1888 from the tower of the original Akron Graded School stands proudly in the front lobby of Akron Elementary. Bells are utilized to signal or call others, well our bell is a symbol for all students that once they enter through the doors to Akron Elementary they will be learning and reaching new goals.

The Akron Elementary staff works as a team to meet the needs of all students. The teachers are dedicated and passionate about helping all children learn. The 2016-17 school year will be filled with positive experiences and wonderful memories. 

Akron Elementary takes a proactive approach to ensuring a positive school climate and individual character building through the use of a School-Wide Positive Behavior System (SWPBS). We want all students to be displaying the character traits of an Ephrata Mountaineer.  Students receive daily positive reinforcement slips for exhibiting positive “Mounts” behavior: M-make good choices, O- organized and responsible, U-understanding of others, N-never gives up, T-tries his/her best, S-strives for excellence.  Students are taught about making good choices through character trait lessons. This school year we will be teaching students the “Bucket Filler” character trait.  Students will envision an invisible bucket that holds all their good thoughts and feelings. When you do something kind for someone you fill their bucket – and yours gets filled up too. When you do something hurtful or unkind you “dip” into someone else’s bucket.  Caring for others and mentoring are present at our school.  Fourth graders are selected to be leaders in the school through the Student Assistant Team (S.A.T.) The S.A.T members are role-models to the younger students by showing integrity and compassion when helping others. Akron Elementary has high expectations for all its students and embraces the school mission statement “Achieving Success One Student at a Time.”

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Mrs. Sheri Horner became Principal of Akron Elementary School in January 2013. She joined the District in August 1995 as an elementary teacher. Mrs. Horner also served the District as an elementary math and science coach. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Millersville University and a Master of Education degree and Principal’s Certification from Penn State University.

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