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Welcome to the Ephrata High School Counseling Department!

On this page you will find information and services frequently used by our students and parents. If you can’t find what you need or have questions please contact our office.

Course Request Change Form (pdf)

Senior Final Transcript Request Directions (PDF)

EHS Summer School Information

EASD Summer School Brochure / Registration Sheet

Remedial Physical Education Information

Original Credit Physical Education Information

Application for Summer School Scholarship



Required Summer Work:  Below is a listing of required summer work for the following classes.  If a class is NOT listed below, there isn’t any summer work for that class.  If you have questions, please email the teacher ASAP.


Course / Teacher


Required Summer Work

AP Lit & Comp



Join Schoology Course
Access Code:  JZ62N-D9TVS

Pick up “Summer Reading and Writing and Defining” sheet

Honors Chemistry

Ewing / Brenner / Schuetrum


Join Schoology Course 
Access Code:  XQPF3-87NG5

AP Chemistry 


Join Schoology Course 
Access Code:  PK6X6-CDTF4

AP Physics



Summer Packet Work 
Join Schoology Course
Access Code:  NXVZ9-2CTSZ

AP European History


Stop in to the Counseling Office to pick up a book and green packet.

AP Economics



Join Schoology Course

Access Code:  JMSSP-9XZC5

Stop in to the Counseling Office to pick up a copy of the Principles of Econ book.

1-    Read chapters 1 and 2 of the Mankiw text.

2-    Complete Review packets for Mankiw 1-2.

3-     Complete Practice Test 1-2

4-      There will be a closed notes exam on Mankiw chapters 1-2 at the beginning of the school year.

5-      Read chapters 1 (The Lesson) and 2 (The Broken Window) of Henry Hazlitt.  You can find these chapters at following web address:


Honors Pre Calc

Geyer and Buck


Join Schoology Course
Access Code:  SQH6D-RSJ2T

Enroll in Khan Academy Course – Directions are in the letter on Schoology “Precalc Summer Letter 1920”

Copy of summer letter in Counseling Office

AP Calculus AB



Join Schoology Course
Access Code:  BH65J-T5ZT4

Complete packet of work and submit 1st

AP Calculus BC



Join Schoology Course
Access Code: ZHNHQ-R99S5 

AP Spanish


Join Schoology Course:  Access Code R7C83-5PWTW

AP German


Join Schoology Course: Summer Packet Work available there
Access Code: P8H6B-TGW2G (3 packets in the Counseling Office)

AP Music Theory



No summer work

AP Computer Science Applications



No summer work

AP Computer Science Principles



No summer work

EHS Course Selection Information 2019-20 School Year



Image result for scholarship applications now available

Seniors! Click here for EHS Scholarship Information.

Scholarship Night PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

Junior and Senior Parents! Plan to attend Scholarship Information Session on Thursday February 21st at 6:00 PM in the EHS Auditorium.

College and Career Readiness @ EHS

EHS 2018-19 Course Selection Information

Click here to view Course Selection page

• Senior Transcript Request Form (PDF)

• Senior Brag Sheet Form (PDF) (Word)

 (for letters of recommendation)

• Senior Caf / HR Flex Packet (PDF)

• Parent Schoology Access Information (PDF)


About Our EHS School Counselors

Mr. Steve Habowski

(Last Names A-Di and Mh-N)
K-12 Dept Supervisor  / Gifted students
Phone 717 721-1503 / Fax 717 721-1504

Email Mr. Habowski


Ms. Kerri Batdorf

(Last Names Dj-Ko and Kp-Mg)
Emotional Support Students
Phone 717 721-1507 / Fax 717 721-1508

Email Ms. Batdorf


Mr. Michael Muhr

(Last Names Kp-Roj)
Phone 717-721-1511 / Fax 717-721-1512

Email Mr. Muhr


Ms. Jan Schober

(Last Names O-Roj and Rok-Z)
Life Skills Students
Phone 717 721-1515 / Fax 717 721-1516

Email Ms. Schober


Mrs. Susan Ditzler

Phone 717 721-1478 ext19034 / Fax 717 721-1129

Email Mrs. Ditzler