EHS Graduation Requirements

Language Arts4.0
Social Studies3.0
Arts and Humanities / Electives8.5
Wellness / Physical Education1.5
  1. All students must meet the above local credit requirements.
  2. Students must score proficient or advanced on all three Keystone Exams – Algebra I, Biology, and Literature.  
  3. If students do not score proficient or advanced on a Keystone Exam after two attempts, they are eligible to complete a state assigned online Project Based Assessment (PBA). Students can continue to take any Keystone Exam as many times as needed after participating in assigned remediation. The highest score on each module is banked and the sum of the two best scores (regardless of when the test was taken) is used to determine proficiency. If proficiency is not met, students must demonstrate proficiency by completing the online Project Based Assessment. The projects are scored by an arbitrary state panel who will determine if proficiency was met.   

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) created graduation requirements which will help guarantee that a high school diploma reflects the skills and knowledge graduating students need to be successful in college and the workplace in an increasingly complex and challenging economy.  These requirements are designed to help all students demonstrate proficiency in sate academic standards.  Through the Standards Aligned System (SAS) website, PDE provides downloadable resources, general information, and frequently asked questions regarding graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements through Alternate Pathways