EMS Guidance Department

EMS Guidance Counselors provide…

  • Developmental classroom guidance lessons focusing on:
    1. Understanding of self and others, coping strategies, peer relationships and effective social skills, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution and study skills, career awareness and substance abuse.
    2. Classroom management strategies.
    3. Proactive/preventive programming.
    4. Individual and small group counseling.
    5. Positive leadership, encouraging a safe, nurturing environment.
    6. Consultations with parents, staff and community agencies.

EMS Guidance Counselors will also help when…

  • Social, emotional and behavioral issues interfere with academic success.
  • Family or community crises impact students and staff.
  • Parents need information and support with the challenging job of raising children.

Students meet with their EMS counselors by…

  • Teacher or staff referral
  • Self-referral
  • Parent referral
  • Peer referral
  • Counselor initiated referral

EMS Counselors offer individual and small group experiences dealing with…

  • Social Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Changes
  • Behavior Modification
On Thursday March 4 2021, video presentations will be available for 8th grade students and parents focused on the course selection process for 9th grade. This asynchronous program will begin with a brief introduction by Dr. Scott Galen, EHS principal and school counselor Steve Habowski. Students and parents will then be able to view videos from each subject area describing their course options for the class of 2025. Specific details will follow closer to the event.

About Our EMS Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Alane Mowbray

Mrs. Mowbray is the 7th Grade Guidance Counselor.
717-721-1468 Ext 18007

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Mr. Jay Crow

Mr. Crow is the 8th Grade Guidance Counselor.
717-721-1468 Ext 18006

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Mrs. Katie Tihansky

Mrs. Tihansky is the EMS Guidance/Health Secretary.
717-721-1468 Ext 18008

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