Student Assistance Program

The gateway to community resources is our school-based student assistance program or SAP. We are fortunate to share with the high school the services of Donna Soto (MSW/LSW) of PA Counseling Services, who has served 13 years as our SAP consultant. Mrs. Soto is able to provide student assessments, help parents determine insurance coverage, make appropriate community mental health referrals as well as provide direct student support. Our school-based mental health program is provided by TW Ponessa. Mrs. Adriane Sweigart provides direct support during the school day as well as connections to additional community based support.

We are also fortunate to also have a dedicated school social worker, Francie Wiker. Mrs. Wiker (MSW/LSW) collaborates closely with Mrs. Soto both here and at the high school to coordinate both school and community-based services. Parents are urged to contact either Mrs. Mowbray or Mr. Crow to initiate access to these services. The goal of our community and school-based programs is to provide support for students in order for them to achieve success in the classrooms.