Tax Information

The District tax office processes real estate and per capita tax bills and collects census information.

Fulton Bank is the District collection agent for all Ephrata Area School District Tax Bills.  Taxpayers may pay in person at any Fulton Bank branch within the District or make checks payable to Ephrata Area School District and mail to:

Ephrata Area School District
P O Box 4663
Lancaster PA 17604-4663

The District also allows tax bill payments by credit card or electronic check at or by calling phone number 1-800-272-9829.  Credit card payments will be charged a 3% fee; payments under $35 will be charged a flat $1 fee; electronic check payment will be charged a flat $3 fee.  (Jurisdiction Code for Ephrata Area School District is 4493)

Real Estate – 2020-2021 – Millage Rate – 17.25
Real Estate – 2019-2020 – Millage Rate – 17.25
Real Estate – 2018-2019 – Millage Rate – 16.95

Tax Bills are mailed on July 1 to all school district property owners and may be paid at a 2% discount during July and August; paid at base (flat) rate during September and October. On November 1 a 10% penalty is added and all taxes not paid by December 31 are turned over to the Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau for collection in January.

The taxpayer may choose to make installment tax payments.  Installment payments are the total base tax bill divided by three;  installments must be paid by August 31, October 31, and December 31.

Interim tax bills are issued when you purchase a new property, subdivide your property, or when improvements are made to an existing property.  The District issues interim tax bills that represent the difference between the previous assessment and the new assessment.  The interim tax is prorated for a portion of the year.  Installments payments may not be made for interim tax payments.

Act 1 – Taxpayer Relief Act

On June 27, 2006 the Commonwealth enacted a bill designed to provide school districts the means to lower property taxes to homeowners with funding provided by gaming revenues.  Tax relief for homeowners will come as an assessment reduction on tax bills and not as a rebate check.

In order for homeowners to be eligible for tax relief, they are required to submit a Homestead/Farmstead application to the Lancaster County Assessment Office.  The application is available by going to  Click on the “Select Department” drop down menu.  Select “Property Assessment.”

The Filing deadline is March 1 each year; if a property has already been approved, no further action is required.

Senior Tax Exchange Program (STEP)

The District Senior Tax Exchange Program (STEP) allows homeowners age 65 and over to work for the District in exchange for payment up to a maximum of $550 in net income to apply to their school taxes.  For more details about STEP, please click here.

Per Capita

The per capita tax is a flat $10 rate equally levied on all residents within the District who are 18 years old or older.  Tax bills are mailed on January 1 and may be paid at a 2% discount during January and February; paid at flat rate during March and April.  On May 1 a 10% penalty is added and all per capita taxes not paid are turned over to Berkheimer Tax Administrators for collection in August.