District Wellness

It is the mission of the EASD GEARS Wellness Committee to:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle for all employees and students
  • Create and promote an active interest in health wellness and maintenance
  • Enhance the quality of life for all employees and students

Wellness Contact Info

Teri Gamez

Merdith Dombach

Marti Rhoads

Staff Wellness Committee

Have an idea or question regarding Staff Wellness? Please contact your Wellness Committee Building Connector:

• Akron Elementary - Ashley Sollenberger

• Clay Elementary - Ross Spangler

• Fulton Elementary - Ashley Sollenberger

• Fulton Elementary - Ashley Lapp

• Highland Elementary - Ashley Lapp

• EIS - Marcie Webber

• EMS - Cathy Erickson

• HS/Washington - Meredith Dombach

• HS/Washington - Teri Gamez