Wellness Resources

“The Greatest Wealth Is Health”


Wellness Resources

Free Fitness and Health Apps

  • Instant Heart Rate
    • Uses a camera to estimate your heart rate from your finger
  • BellyBio
    • Uses a motion sensor to aid in deep breathing.  Relax with a choice of music that rewards you for consistent, slow breathing. Provides a graph estimating your level of calmness
  • My Fitness Pal
    • Set a calorie limit and then track your daily food intake and fitness
  • Fooducate
    • Applies the barcode scanning function of your camera on iTunes to provide nutrition information and suggest healthier alternatives
  • Health & Water
    • Amusing free app that tracks your 8 glasses of water per day. Available through iTunes mobile download

Wellness Committee

Have an idea or question regarding Student or Staff Wellness? Please contact your Wellness Committee Building Connector:

• Akron Elementary - Ashley Sollenberger

• Clay Elementary - Andrew Keener

• Fulton Elementary - Ashley Sollenberger

• Fulton Elementary - Taylor Shields

• Highland Elementary - Taylor Shields

• EIS - Marcie Webber, Heidi Yohn

• EMS - Heidi Yohn

• HS/Washington - Meredith Dombach, Teri Gamez

Interested in volunteering for our wellness committee? Please contact Meredith Dombach  or Teri Gamez