Early Childhood Education

The District is dedicated to the success of the youngest members of the community. Statistics strongly support the need for early-learning development, as 85 percent of a child’s communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are developed by age five. Additional data shows a strong correlation between early literacy skills and a child’s chance for academic success. Young children need positive influences to build this foundation and prepare them for success in school and in life.

 “Creating a home environment that promotes healthy brain development can be one of the biggest gifts parents can give their son or daughter. Our P2P programs are designed to help support young families and future students and establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.”

 – Dr. Jacy Clugston Hess,

District Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

Early Childhood Contact Info

Michelle Perry
Early Childhood Coordinator
Christy Hambrick
Fulton and Highland P2P Rep
(717) 847-5756
Mona Murphy
Akron and Clay P2P Rep
(717) 682-3508