General Information

The EASD Food Service Department strives to serve our students tasty, nutritionally balanced meals.  Here are some of the healthy options we offer daily:

  • Breakfast in each building, including a variety of whole grain, reduced sugar cereals, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, mini-pancakes, waffles and hot breakfast sandwiches
  • Skim or 1% milk varieties
  • We serve whole grain rich items
  • A variety of fresh fruits, many locally grown
  • A variety of fresh vegetables, many locally grown, covering a wide array of colors and types including orange, dark green, red, beans, starchy, etc.
  • A variety of fresh salads made with dark greens are prepared daily and on premise in the elementary, middle and high schools.

Our breakfast and lunch menus meet the USDA National School Lunch Program and Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requirements. In addition, we participate in offer vs. serve at both breakfast and lunch. At breakfast, we offer four components of which the student must choose three. The components at breakfast are bread/grain, fruit/vegetable and milk. Menu items may account for one or two components. At lunch, we offer five components of which the student much choose three. Lunch components include meat/meat alternative, bread/grain, fruit, vegetable and milk.   Once again, menu items may include more than one component; for example a cheeseburger is both the m/ma and the grain. To purchase a reimbursable breakfast or lunch, one of the components chosen MUST be a fruit or vegetable.

Our menus & recipes are created to ensure we meet age appropriate portion sizes & calorie requirements and provide the right balance of protein, dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Lunches must meet the following guidelines:

  • Saturated fat must be less than 10% and trans fat must be zero (excluding naturally occurring)
  • Calories must meet the following ranges: 550-650 for K-5, 600-700 for grades 6-8 and 750-850 for grades 9-12

Please review the menus and nutritional analysis posted above to best select items that meet your family and student needs.

Fresh Foods

We freshly prepare meals using local brands you use at home, including Tyson chicken, Jennio turkey, Swiss milk, Land O' Lakes cheese, and locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.  Fresh salad meals are also prepared daily.  Plus, students can start their day with one of our breakfast meals!