Meals Plus K12 Payment Center

We are proud to offer parents/primary caregivers the opportunity to view your child’s account online at your convenience. To create an account and view your student’s account balance or their purchase history, please follow the instructions on the website. There are no fees associated with viewing your student’s account balance/history.
Only purchases from the time the account is created and beyond will appear; purchases made prior to creating the account will not show up on K12PaymentCenter.

Parents may now deposit money directly into their student’s account via the K12PaymentCenter website. Credit/debit card deposits may be made through and will be assessed a $1.95 fee per deposit.
Deposits made prior to 9 AM will be available for use that day; deposits entered after 9 AM will not be available until the next school day.

K12 Payment Center

Fresh Foods

We freshly prepare meals using local brands you use at home, including Tyson chicken, Jennio turkey, Swiss milk, Land O' Lakes cheese, and locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.  Fresh salad meals are also prepared daily.  Plus, students can start their day with one of our breakfast meals!