Dental Exams

Dental Form (PDF)

The Pennsylvania School Health Law requires that children attending school in the Commonwealth receive a dental examination at stated intervals.

A dental examination is required on first entry into school (Kindergarten or Grade 1) and in grades 3 and 7.  Transfer students and students with incomplete health records shall also be required to have a dental examination.

These grades were selected because they represent critical periods of development of your child’s teeth.  For a well-shaped mouth and healthy permanent teeth, care of the “baby teeth” is important.

Since many parents have a six-month routine dental examination for their children, you are encouraged to have the dental examination completed and form returned by October 30th.

A dental examination completed no earlier than 12 months before the first day of the school year is acceptable.  Completed forms must be returned by October 30th. 

If the private dental form is not completed and returned to the school nurse, your child will be scheduled for a dental examination ny out school dentist during the school term.