Health & Wellness Checklists

For Parents/Guardians Who Have Students with a Health Concerns or Require Medications at School:

    • Notify the school nurse with any health concerns as soon as possible
    • Introduce yourself and your child to the school nurse, if necessary
    • Medications require a medical provider’s orders. Please provide orders prior to or at the time of medication drop off
    • Provide medications for school administration in the original labeled container. Ask the pharmacy to provide a second bottle for school.
    • Please continue to communicate with the school nurse at times of follow up appointments or any changes to the student’s medical condition or with medications.
    • Any additional questions, please refer to the medication policy <link>

Parents/Guardians Wellness Checklist:

    • Make sure immunizations are up-to-date and provide an updated list to the school nurse.
    • Make annual dental and physical appointments with your child’s medical provider.
    • Please educate your child on proper hygiene care. Encourage use of deodorant, daily oral care, and wearing clean clothes.
    • Establish a bedtime and a morning routine to ensure consistent sleep. EASD sleep study and related research is available HERE.
    • Help make appropriate clothing and footwear choices according to school policy.
    • Keep an open line of communication with your child’s school nurse regarding health, safety, and wellness concerns.
    • Attend your child’s back to school night and Parent-Teacher conference to dialogue with the school nurse and other school personnel
    •  For more additional parenting tips, please CLICK HERE.