English Language Learners (ELL)

The Ephrata Area School District provides specialized education to students whose dominant language is not English (English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or English Language Learners (ELL).  Title 22, Chapter 4, Section 4.6 of the Curriculum Regulations requires that we provide a program for every student who is Limited English Proficient (LEP) or an English Language Learner (ELL).

The regulation states:

“Every school district shall provide a program for each student whose dominant language is not English for the purpose of facilitating the student’s achievement of English proficiency and the academic standards under § 4.12 (relating to academic standards).  Programs under this section shall include appropriate bilingual-bicultural or English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.”

In compliance with the regulations, EASD provides the student with a planned program of English as a second language instruction (ESL) to facilitate the acquisition of English language skills and provide an instructional program appropriate to the student’s developmental and instructional level.

There are six levels of English language proficiency:

  • Entering Level-ELLs are taking time to simply listen and take in the language.  They learn listening skills before speaking, reading or writing.
  • Beginning Level-ELLs produce simple expressions and phrases and begin to comprehend basic stories and academic text with adequate support.
  • Developing Level-Basic social conversations and communications are becoming stronger.  A lot of support is still needed to comprehend academic texts with adequate support.  Vocabulary is increasing.
  • Expanding Level-More challenging academic material is comprehended and expressed in verbal and written formats.  Academic support in grammar and usage is an important focus at this level.
  • Bridging Level-Academic vocabulary is used with greater skill.  Writing and vocabulary building in all content areas is emphasized.
  • Reaching Level-ELLs demonstrate English skills that are comparable to native English speakers.
  • Exit and Monitor-These students have completed the ESL program and are now supervised for two years.  

Annual potluck picnic

This year our annual potluck picnic will be held at 4:30 on May 14th at Thomas P. Grater Community Park.  All students and their families are invited to attend.  We are asking families to bring a dish to share that represents their country or culture.  We hope to see you there.