Students Create Holiday Cookie Jars

A group of Ephrata Area School District students is making the season even sweeter after completion of a new holiday learning activity. The group, comprised of students in grades 1–5 with special needs, created 139 cookie jars that contain all the dry ingredients necessary to make cookie dough.

District Special Education Consultant Nicole Flora come up with the idea as a way for students to work together and enhance the skills they work on throughout the school year. “It is important for students to start working on job-related skills as early as possible,” she said.

The activity specifically engaged students’ fine motor and collaboration skills. Each student had his or her own job at different stations from measuring and pouring the ingredients to placing the lid and finishing touches on the jar. “Additionally, following multi-step directions and practicing patience were important parts of the activity,” said Kristina Runyeon, District Autistic Support teacher.

While this is the first time the students participated in this activity, Ms. Flora and Ms. Runyeon expect to implement it again in the future. “The students did an excellent job completing this task, and they really enjoyed it,” they said. The jars were sold to Clay Elementary School staff for $5 this year, but the group hopes to expand the project in the future.