Students Create Ephrata Fair Coloring Book

Every year, the Ephrata Fair provides unique learning opportunities for Ephrata Area School District students.  This year, in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Fair, students at Ephrata High School were asked to participate in something extra special, the creation of an anniversary coloring book. 

Over 20 Ephrata High School students created artwork to be included as coloring pages in the book.  “Many of these students are enrolled in advanced art classes at the high school, including Art Concentration and Advanced Drawing/Painting,” explained Ephrata High School Art Teacher Mr. Trevor Hershey. 

Additionally, students wrote a short description of their work and explained why they chose to highlight different aspects of the fair, which is also included in the coloring book.  “I drew a coloring page that included pumpkins because it represents the agricultural component and contests of the fair,” said senior D’Andra Martin.  Many students looked to their childhood for inspiration when they were choosing what to draw.  “I always remember playing the fish bowl game as a child,” said Kandice Liebl, a senior who portrayed this in her artwork. 

Not only did this opportunity highlight and enhance students’ art abilities, it provided a way to integrate their work into the community.  “We are always happy to give students learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom,” said Mrs. Whitney Yeo, Ephrata High School Art Teacher.  Mr. Hershey also explained the students who participated will be able to include this work on their resumes as a “published illustrator.”